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Jenny's Brisket

May 5, 2021 • 0 comments

Jenny's Brisket
Sent in by a friend of Jenny's, this is her go to recipe that is enjoyed by all of her family and friends!
  • Prep Time:
  • Servings: 6-8


  • (4 - 5 lbs) (5 - 5.99 lb) Brisket
  • (1 bottle (5-6 oz)) Soy Sauce
  • (1 can) Beef Consommé
  • (¼ cup) ReaLemon
  • (1) Garlic clove – minced
  • (1 TBS) Liquid Smoke



Line 9x13 pan with heavy aluminum foil, place brisket on-top of foil. Combine: Consommé, Soy Sauce, ReaLemon, Garlic, Liquid Smoke. Pour over brisket and seal with foil over top. May marinate over night OR cook at 300F for 1 hour per pound. Last 30 min. baste with barbeque sauce and finish cooking.

Remove from oven, turn brisket over to let juices be absorbed evenly. Let meat rest for ATLEAST 1 hour, 2 hours is even better. Slice to desired thickness and serve with barbeque sauce on side.

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