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Construction Underway!

NEW building is underway here at Zobel Family Farms! This building will serve as a new store front and office space with a HUGE Freezer to hold all of our Premium Beef & Pork and storage for our trailers that go to all of your favorite Farmers Market locations! We cannot wait to show you how the building comes together as it is being worked on. We will share photos as the project progresses, so be sure to come back and check on the progress!

New: Zobel Family Farms Building Update

*New UPDATE 9/6/22

The painting is completed, cabinets are almost finished being installed, and flooring should be underway here in the next few days for the office portion of the building. The walk-in freezer shell is completed, and now just awaiting the freezer components. 

 ZFF Main office cabinets ZFF Tami's Office Cabinets


Things are starting to come together in our new building. We are starting to be able to see the office space coming together. Insulation, drywall, and siding in the garage have been finished. All the windows have been trimmed, and fans and lights are now up in the garage area as well. Paint swatches have been decided on and painting has started!

ZFF Paint swatches


We have a lot to catch you up on! We now have the stairs and framing finished for the space above the office. Insulation has also begun to be put in. The freezer walls have arrived (Hooray!) and electricity and plumbing have been connected as well! Concrete pads and gravel have been added in front of both garage doors and the office door as well. 

ZFF building upstairs framing


So far, the building has been slowly progressing. We now have stud walls for the office/storefront area, as well as concrete floors, and driveways. We were hoping to be operating out of the new office/storefront by now, but we are still waiting to see when our freezer walls are going to arrive. There have also been hiccups in the last couple of months. But fret not, we will keep you posted as our building project progresses. So, stay tuned!

Zff framing and Studs are up!



We now have a shell of the building! Siding and windows have been installed! Things sure are coming along and we can't wait to see how the project progresses in the next coming weeks!

ZFF Siding is up and finished



Look at how fast this is coming together in a short amount of time! The wooden frame is going up and moving along! This space that was once a yard of grass is quickly turning into a building!
ZFF Wood Framing


Concrete footings are being poured today! We are excited to share this new addition to our family farm with everyone. We will be updating this article as the building progresses, so be sure to stay tuned!
ZFF construction - Footings

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