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Family Easter Traditions from Zobel Family Farms

Zobel Family Farms Easter Traditions

Easter Morning at Zobel Farms

Our day starts with going to church with the whole family.

Zobel Family Food On Easter

After arriving home, we gather around our large table and enjoy a delicious Ham roast with sides of potatoes and other vegetables. There will be all kinds of conversations going around the table all at once, from the grandkids excited talking about the Easter Bunny to the guys talking about what has been happening on the farm lately.

The Grandkids Egg Hunt - A Zobel Family Farms Tradition

Once our food has settled, we move to prepare for the grandkids egg hunt. Starting with decorating easter eggs, this is one of Paisley's favorite things to do. After the eggs dry we get to laugh and enjoy our grandkids as they hunt for eggs and act silly.

Easter Family Fun On The Family Farm

After the kids have enjoyed their hunt, we all hop on our antique tractors and go for a ride, which happens to be Parker's absolute favorite thing. When the weather doesn’t allow, we would usually just hang out and play games to pass the time and enjoy each other’s company. We love having our family around, and although we see each other often its days like these that make us thankful for our family and friends. 

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